What will VR search look like?

Posted: September 8, 2016 in Ponderings, Virtual Reality



We are all used to text search. Google, Bing, Yahoo. In VR, you don’t have a keyboard.

We sometimes use voice search. Siri, Google, Cortana. Voice search is used in the Samsung Internet VR app to search the web.

With VR, will there be new ways to search?

In Steam you can scroll through lists with thumbnail images or VR apps and you can point at and select them with hand controllers. Other VR apps use gaze as an input mechanism.

What if you wanted to search the web where there are millions of results? What is the best way to represent this in a 3D space where you can have hand controllers, gaze, voice, gestures and eye tracking?

Google has 2D image search to find similar images. Will there be a 3D image search to find similar 3D images?

What if I wanted to do a meta-search for across multiple platforms? AltspaceVR, Second Life, Hi Fidelity, VTime, etc. What if I wanted to search for a location, a person, an object, a colour or an event across these platforms? Will there be new meta-apps that sit on top of other apps to enable this? VR search engines, VR crawlers, vrrobots.txt, VR cookies, etc.

Incognito mode where you can traverse the Metaverse discretely?

Will there eventually just be one Metaverse, just as there is only one Internet?

So many possibilities…



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