Ok, heres todays creation. Found a old 8 bar loop I made in November last year that I liked and started working on it until it turned into a 3 minute song. The songs is a mix of prog rock drums with electro synthesisers. Has a bit of an EBM/Industrial feel to it at times. What do you think?

Heres a picture of my desk while I was working on the track:

And heres the track so far:

Direct link: http://benxtan.com/audio/electronic/songs/(2011-04Apr-23)%20Destro%27s%20Secret%20v1.mp3

This is just the first draft. I’m planning to add samples, vocals or guitars to it later.

Digital Samurai

Digital Samurai

Heres a drawing I did today. Phase 1 of me creating things this Easter long weekend.

This drawing was done with a black Artline 200 and generic red ball point for the red in the eyes.

Photo was taken with my iPhone since I don’t have access to a scanner at the moment. Might scan it properly later.

I’ve also put it on facebook under the guise of ‘Eye Also Ink’ here.

UPDATE 1: Heres a short loop created in GarageBand in iPad to go with the drawing

(2011-04Apr-23) Digital Samurai.mp3

UPDATE 2: Heres a better quality image.


1. Woke up and checked stats. My most recent software creation, a Kinect MIDI Controller (KMIDIC) is on engadget in the US, Japan and Germany!

2. Managed to get a ticket to one of my favourite bands Kyuss for next year. So happy! Tickets sold out super quick!

3. Got to work, did a bunch of work, then my band’s (Throw Catch) freshly mastered debut EP arrived in the mail, and it sounds amazing! Big thanks to Dylan Adams (recording and mixing ) and Michael Lynch (mastering at shoehorse sound).

4. Did more work, finished work, and off I went to my first guitar lesson in 12 years…with Peter Northcote! I learnt sooo much in that one hour lesson, and have now made the commitment to pratice guitar at least 10 minutes a day.

5. Started practicing as soon as I got on the train and had a random conversation with a stranger, who is a guitarist and IT professional like myself, and I now know of Animals As Leaders. Fantastic band!

All in all, pretty much the BEST day ever!!!

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BOSS Bass Synthesiser Fun

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Guitar, Music

BOSS Bass Synthesiser pedal

(2010-09Sep-19) Bass Synthesiser.mp3

I was playing with my Boss Bass Synthesiser pedal and heres a new snippet of a song I came up with tonight. I used a 5-string bass and recorded it with Ableton Live.

Pretty fun little toy to play with 🙂


So I downloaded a version of QBasic today. This is a re-enactment of one of the first computer programs that I wrote in 1995 when I was 11 years old sitting in computer class.

The code might have been copied from QBasic help, but looking through here, http://www.qbasicnews.com/qboho/, I couldn’t seem to a find an example that does this. Anyone seen an example in QBasic help that draws random purple rectangles on screen?

Basically, when I saw that I could do this with a computer…write commands and create something from nothing…I was hooked.

Source code here:

COLOR 5, 0
x = INT(RND * 320)
y = INT(RND * 200)
size = INT(RND * 10) + 10
LINE (x, y)-(x + size, y + size), , BF

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Posted: November 29, 2009 in Music
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