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Next Stage

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Guitar
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I’ve been playing a lot of drums lately now that I have a Yamaha DTXplorer in my room (thanks Scotty!). I’ve been saving clips in Ableton Live of the loops and fills that I create. I realised that I haven’t played my bass in a while so I plugged it in today and started playing along to some of the drum loops I made. Many hours later, this song was born.

I’m doing a little experiment and posting it on wordpress as well as the usual, twitter and facebook. This way I can write about it and people can leave comments. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

benxtan – Next Stage

I skipped lunch and dinner to make this.

Technical Details:

Drums – Programmed in Ableton Live (using Impulse). All inspired by beats I made up on a Yamaha DTXplorer. I think they sound a lot better (both composition and sound quality) compared to my older stuff. Having a physical kit to play with helps a lot, and is loads of fun too!

Bass – Recorded using a Schecter 5 string bass through Line 6 POD Farm VST.

Guitar – Recorded using an Ibanez RG1570SDB through Line 6 POD Farm VST. I decided to put a middle eastern sounding lead at the end as a change to my usual pentatonic/blues solos that I always do.

Vocals – Recorded using a Shure SM58. Applied lots of effects in Ableton to hide my bad singing 🙂 Lyrics are a mix of old and new. Didn’t really put that much thought into them. Just needed something to fill the space.

Bass, guitar and vocals recorded using an M-Audio Firewire 410 and Ableton Live.